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We are excited to announce a new contest! FDQ is teaming up with Pidgin Doll and her creator, Joshua McKenney for a fun new Pidgin Fan Art Contest.


Over 17,000 people follow Pidgin on Instagram, looking forward to her every change and new look. Thousands of talented artists and designers use her as inspiration for their art, whether it is on the page or their own bodies as canvas.

Sign up for the contest and you may win a OOAK Pidgin Doll from Josh himself! Read all about it in the new issue of FDQ, and follow Pidgin on Instagram.


Check out Pidgin Doll's site here.



Make this stewardess uniform, based on Doug James' pattern for "J'Adore" Gene! Click the photo above.

autumn 2014: the holiday issue


This is the time of year for a holiday. The weather is generally warm for most of us and the kids are out of school. If you don’t think of vacation as a “holiday”, then perhaps you are thinking of a major holiday during the year, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


If you are planning a getaway this season, bring this issue of FDQ, it will help to get you in the mood. Paul Bruce gets you  thinking about Halloween costumes, while Ian Price takes a look back at Italian fashionista Simona.  When traveling, one always needs a case, so we take a look at some of our favorite doll luggage and carrying cases in all sorts of sizes and shapes.


If you are flying somewhere, you will be seeing your favorite flight attendants on board. Sometimes, we take for granted what these hosts and hostesses are wearing, but there is a wonderful history of fashion and architecture behind the styles each team sports in the sky. This fascination has long included the “stewardess” doll, as they used to be called. We didn’t cover every single doll ever made, as some were pretty uninspired China knock-offs for sale in airport kiosks, but we did find an amazing selection of sharp and stylish uniforms to look at. With the recent collaboration between Virgin Atlantic and Banana Republic, you can even dress like an airline attendant these days (if that’s what turns you on).


To try something different, we have put this issue’s pattern online, a stewardess uniform adapted from Doug James original design for “J’Adore” Gene. Instead of having to copy or cut up your magazine, you can now head to our website to download the pattern and print it as often as you need it. We have had great success making back issues and sold out magazines available as digital downloads, so it made sense to do the same with patterns. We will start to digitize previous patterns so that you can purchase them to make items for all of your favorite dolls. Like iTunes, we will keep the prices low so that you can order a la carte and pick the patterns you like and save them for use over and over again.


Also in this issue, we cover the spring Tonner Convention, as well as introduce you to Carmen Dell’Orifice. Modeled after the 83-year old fashion icon, Carmen has already been a great success in the doll world, selling out at convention and inspiring artists to design and create for her. FDQ has an exclusive look at the new line in prototype form. This means there will likely be changes in final production, but we thought it would be nice to share these early samples with our readers. It’s rare to see works in progress outside of the designer’s atelier; one gown was being beaded while I was standing in the workroom. With the extraordinary price increases in China, manufacturers are more challenged than ever before to bring us dolls of beauty and quality that we can afford, so it behooves us to support our doll companies more than ever. Let’s hope 3-D technology will move forward in such a way that we might bring manufacturing to the U.S. In the meantime, enjoy lovely dolls like Carmen and her classic and stylish wardrobe.


The talented Andrew Yang joins us as a contributor, sharing his first person take on being a collector, as well as giving us  behind the scenes intel about the making of iD.ollogy and the video featured on the site. You will want to bring the set designers home with you! I just want to live in Izzy’s library. When you see the photos, you will know what I mean.


We also have the marvelous Joshua David McKenney of Pidgin Doll joining us for a fun new contest! Social media has become the de facto source of finding new customers and discovering new talent. Pidgin Doll has over 16,000 followers on Instagram, who share and create amazing art and fashion. Many followers dress up or do their make-up like Pidgin, giving her a fan base the size of many movie stars and models. What better way to stretch your creative muscles and love of dolls than by signing up and sending in your creative inspiration? You have the chance to win a OOAK Pidgin from Joshua himself. Find Pidgin on Instagram @pidgindoll. If you haven’t joined Instagram, do it! It’s fun and easy, and you can forward your posts to Facebook and Twitter all with a click. We hope to see you there!


This issue is indeed, jam packed with content, not filler photos. But for those who love our famous eye candy, Terri Gold takes the girls “On The Beach” while Alex Forbes shares some prototype Kingdom Dolls in OOAK finery by Amanda Arnold. Glenn Mielke, as always, delights us with a wonderful and whimsical group of space travelers, because one really should be able to holiday wherever one likes. Don’t forget to bring the sunscreen!






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In other news, Doll Peddlar has given us a heads up on another new ModsDoll, "Ylan" from Yian coming around late April. Preorder now from Yian was part of the FiconDoll group, which has now disbanded. It looks like there won't be any more production from Ficon at this time.



We are thrilled about the new Madra and Violet being produced by JamieShow, but we can never fill out our dance card enough. We are looking forward to the new Carmen Collection (we loved the debut Carmen Dell'Orifice) which we feature here exclusively in our July/Autumn issue.


 Kingdom Doll is shipping a new doll soon, "Hadrian" who is very Versace couture. Later in the season we will also see the magnificent Brigantes, who is a brand new sculpt. Kingdom Doll will have debuted five new dolls in 2014! An auspicious year for a new company and one we know will thrive into the future. We may even have one of our own, so keep reading FDQ!